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with Warmth, Love & Sincerity


It first began when brasel started to enjoy crafting handmade gifts for her loved ones. she had always loved art since a very young age, and began making handicrafts when she was 13.

in 2015, brasel then decided to turn her hobby and passion into a side business, thus establishing embrayce crafts.

Though at the same time earning a tad bit more allowance for herself, she hoped to be able to inspire others with her creations and give warmth to others behind the beautiful meaning of handmade gifts. 

Brasel's genuine goal is to be able to help others through her crafts & tutorials, while gently reminding that we should be more appreciative of the hard work and effort put into handmade gifts.

"every craft deserves to be recognised and embraced."

- brasel seng

Based in Singapore, embrayce crafts is now under embrayce studio, which is brasel's branding established on 31st may 2020.

'embrayce' was inspired by brasel's nickname 'bray',

which was given by her closest friends

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"I hope it puts a smile on your face

and warms that heart of yours,

with the love i have put into

crafting this little gift."

- brasel seng


brasel seng

"i hope that more people will look at handmade gifts more preciously with a loving perspective and focus less on the materialistic things. handmade gifts are the most valuable and priceless things to receive - no matter how simple or small. they may seem like nothing to some, but they'd touch the hearts of many with a lot of warmth. they also contain a tremendous amount of love, and create beautiful memories that are one-of-a-kind."

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